Transport and logistics professionals

MITRENA UAB is your long-term partner in transport and logistics who will take care of your freight transport, warehousing, arrange all the necessary documents and help you make the right decisions on time. With us, your freight and shipments will travel safely, quickly and reliably. Let's work together!

Carriage of freight on domestic and international routes

Carriage of temperature and dangerous goods (ADR)

Oversized freight transport

All storage services

Delivery of small goods (up to 70kg)

Professional individual advice

Get the best deal

Participating in the Climate Change Programme

The project "Purchase of electric vehicles at UAB Mitrena implemented with funding from the Climate Change Programme".


Become a long-term partner

With more than 18 years of experience, we and our partners have a long-standing cooperative relationship based on trust and mutual benefit. Become our partner too!